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Speak to your community with DOTF’s unique content strategy and creation solutions.

Community connection has never been more important. We know this because we’ve been working with councils and local government for almost a decade.

Digital content is the essential backbone of strong comms – and we want to offer some resources to help you make digital content that is effective and engaging. At Department of the Future, we’ve been developing strategy and creating digital content across entertainment, education, government and industry for over a decade. These years of experience and our curated team of experts means that we know how to transform comms from dry into a delight for any audience – whether you need to repurpose, refresh or rethink your content.


At DOTF, we care about community – and we know that digital engagement is more important in 2020 than ever before. We’ve put together this resource, full of our tips and tricks for genuine community connection through content. These are techniques that you can take to your team and action immediately.

We’re happy to share our resources, and if we can help, we’re here.

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