DOTF at VidCon Australia present ‘Don’t F*** Up Your Video Strategy’

If you want powerful insights into strategy, video content, marketing, and creative, then we have the perfect event for you. Our Managing Director Ivan Gomez has over 25 years experience in fashion, branding, marketing, content creation, video production, design and events management. He’s been our fearless leader here at Department of the Future since he began the company 10 years ago, and he’ll be delivering a presentation at VidCon Australia 2019 - “Don't F*** Up Your Video Strategy: How to Create Content That Delivers ROI and Community Growth.” 

In his time, Ivan has picked up a valuable trick or two. He’s learned how to speak to different audiences with authentic storytelling, and emotive content. He’s learned how to get the best out of real people to create blockbuster campaigns incorporating user generated content for massive organisations like Cricket Australia. He’s worked with brands like Telstra, HTC, Sensis and more, while also working with charities like NAIDOC and the Brotherhood of St Lawrence, helping organisations with causes close to his heart. Whether the client is big or small, Ivan and the DOTF team have always strived to create authentic, relevant content - because this is the most powerful asset for any brand. 

If there’s one thing Ivan has taken away from his career in video so far, it’s that too many brands and organisations f*** up their video strategy, or create content that isn’t relevant to their audience. “Nothing drives me crazy more than brands not understanding the importance of video.” Ivan explains. “It literally accounts for 80% of ALL online traffic - audiences crave it. So, brands have to start getting it right, or risk being left behind.” 

Ivan will offer valuable insights about how to make your content relevant to your audience, and how to blow up its reach, so you can scale and grow your business. Whether it's internally created, user-generated, or made by an external company, your content has to be genuine and mean something to your audience - otherwise, why the f*** are you making it?

VidCon Australia 2019 will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre in South Wharf, from 18/09 to 22/09. Check out the full agenda here and catch Ivan at 9:00AM on 20/09 in Eureka 2-3. 


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