International Study Tour 2014
Deakin University - Deakin University Business School

Department Of The Future took a small crew on tour through Europe with the month-long Deakin International Study Tour in 2014.

The campaign took viewers along on the tour, showing international locations and exclusive behind the scenes experiences.

We captured every stage of the tour and got to know the students and staff, allowing for candid and intimate documentation of the entire three week journey.

We created a huge volume of content including “daily diary” videos from the students, and profile
videos of each significant location along the tour. We also produced a one-hour television special broadcast on Melbourne’s Channel 31 which shared exclusive knowledge about the world of international finance, whilst showcasing the unique opportunities provided by Deakin Business School.

In 2016, Deakin University commissioned DOTF for follow-up content, reviewing the progress of the students from the 2014 International Study Tour.

For this content creation we transformed the now-alumni into tourists in their own city, showcasing the iconic sights of Melbourne.

In 2017, three years after the original project, DOTF suggested to Deakin University that we engage with past students from the International Study Program – now successful alumni, working in the business and finance world – to create unique follow-up content.

We created a catch-up event for all of the alumni still based in the Melbourne area, offering an evening to re-connect and reflect on how their lives were changed by the International Study Program.

From this event, we created valuable content for Deakin University, showing authentic growth from hopeful students to successful adults and how the Deakin University experience shaped their lives.

At the time:
Deakin ranked the number 1 university online
20 – 60K social media engagements per post


“DOFT were instrumental in creating a seminal series of videos for our International Study Tour to Europe. The information coming back while they were with the students and academics was fantastic, and gave us great confidence in their production capabilities. In the end, the videos they’ve produced were utterly world-class – and out of this world-aimed squarely at our target demographic.”

Alex Kuo – Marketing Manager, Business & Law, Deakin University

“I think this is the best ROI that we’ve ever had! So professional. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

Megan Smith – Co-ordinator, Advertising & Publications, Business & Law, Deakin University

“The hardworking and dedicated crew spent hours transforming the raw footage into engaging online diary entries & micro segments. So much so, that many of us, found it hard to believe that we were on the same trip. The camera & subsequent editing had captured so much more than any of us were aware of.

The team are to be commended in their approach to dealing with the talent. None of us are professional actors, yet they were great in making everyone feel so comfortable in front of the camera and ensuring that our dialogue was delivered authentically. Ivan always insisted that DOTF’s aim was to make everyone “look good” & they succeeded.

So, on behalf of my colleagues & students, I can honestly say, that having DOTF produce the video content has not only provided us with fabulous memories of our time abroad but a genuinely effective promotional tool for any upcoming ISP.”

Di Thomson – Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business & Law, Deakin University