Department Of The Future launched the new HTC One into the Australian market with a bespoke campaign targeting a youth audience.

To tie in with HTC One’s music features and engage with the youth audience, we created a series of 8 branded gigs across Australia’s East Coast in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

The gigs featured popular Australian acts, Birds of Tokyo and The Temper Trap, supported by up-and-coming indie artists.

We filmed each performance, creating sponsored content that was screened and distributed through the platform of our sister company, Speaker TV, as well as through Foxtel, Telstra Bigpond and T-Box platform and national independent broadcast channels.

The content we created included: TVCs, HTC branded social media vignettes, HTC branded content, Speaker TV artist segments and broadcast specials.

HTC branding was naturally integrated into each live event. Branded items included free glow sticks, bar mats, venue staff t-shirts, HTC One demo pop-ups, phone giveaways at live performances, band members gifted phones for personal use and an HTC One Phone Camera “Photobooth”.


10 million+ impressions online.

5 million+ impressions on broadcast channels.

5 million+ impressions across outdoor and live events nationwide