New Academic Street Project
RMIT - New Academic Street

Department Of The Future worked across the RMIT New Academic Street for 2 years, beginning before RMIT had broken ground, continuing through each stage of development. We produced a series of content celebrating each new milestone in the project, sharing key communications with RMIT and the wider Melbourne community.

DOTF was also commissioned to create content for additional New Academic Street tangential events, such as food festivals and design markets. This was so successful, our creative agency was commissioned to create an immersive street festival for RMIT.


“The NAS team had a very tight timeframe to deliver a very public project video. Ivan and his team came in and helped realise a concept that exceeded our expectations. We were impressed with DOTF’s ability to synthesise complex project information and translate that into a simple and effective script, coupled with beautiful shots of our campus, the city and our staff. Looking forward to working together again!”

Julie Khan, Project Coordinator, RMIT New Academic Street Project