Open Day 2016
Monash University

Monash University tasked Department Of The Future with developing a content strategy for Monash’s Open Day in 2016.

On the Open Day, we created the illusion of a live-stream broadcast on the Northern Plaza Big Screen by playing archive footage provided by Monash University, and systematically replacing those videos with the content our two film crews captured on the day.

Our camera crews roamed the Clayton campus capturing beautiful video content around the five faculties and interest areas. Meanwhile, our media centre and media team edited and projected our content onto the Northern Plaza Big Screen, creating the illusion of a live-stream. Our media team created a bank of content across the faculties and interest areas for Monash University to post on their social media channels. Members of our media team included ten interns from the Monash Journalism course.

Also on the day, our sister company, Speaker TV, created a suite of content with the help of Monash Journalism interns.

The content captured on the Open Day was used by Monash University in future marketing campaigns.