Public Galleries Associations Victoria

Strategy & Creative, Word Stack

The Problem

The Public Galleries Association of Victoria (PGAV), received funding in 2020 from the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria to deliver the Building Back Better Program from February - March 2021. 

This program focuses on:

  • Mental health and well-being
  • Cultural Tourism 
  • Digital Revolution

The Creative

Why Support Public Galleries

Working closely with the PGAV team, DOTF aimed to highlight the benefits of supporting public galleries and the impact it has on the industry. 

Economic Benefits 

DOTF wanted to showcase the amazing economic benefits that PGAV has created through engaging content.


Public galleries have an extensive reach, and participation in the arts is valued. In 2019, their members presented 553 exhibitions and delivered 2,539 public programs and 1,592 education programs. DOTF has showcased this information is being highlighted to get people involved in the cause and contribute to the public galleries industry. 

Health and Wellbeing 

DOTF wanted to showcase the health and wellness benefits of visiting a public gallery. Factors such as social interaction, as well as lifelong learning opportunities, get overlooked. As a result, we've shown and highlighted them in an impactful and engaging way, through video. 

The Solution

DOTF provided PGAV with two workshops by Ivan Gomez and Nick Geronimo focusing on digital and creative thinking.

Part 1 - Content in the Making: This presentation focused on lateral and creative thinking in relation to content creation, engagement, and conversion to build visitation. 

Part 2 - Content Online: This presentation showcased the different uses and techniques behind various digital platforms, as well as, ways to maximize the use of digital platforms to generate engagement and to build visitation. 

Word Stack:

PGAV aimed to build the capacity of public galleries in Victoria, enhancing their ability to deliver valuable cultural, social, and economic returns to their communities. Word stack was used to showcase their efforts by highlighting their key messaging surrounding culture, social, economic, and visitation factors.