RMIT Gaming

Animation and Video Production

Gaming is an exciting new industry in the education sector. Degrees in gaming are young, fresh and different, and we wanted our video to reflect that. The content we created for RMIT Gaming combines the authentic documentary storytelling that we’re known for with fun  – and functional – animation. 

Combining RMIT’s brand style, the aesthetics of the talent and a stylistic touchpoint of retro 8-but games, our animator created a series of lower thirds, transitions and titles that wouldn’t look out of place in a Super Mario game. Not only do they help the video to stand out, they also serve to locate the viewer within RMIT facilities, iconic gaming locations and alumni gaming studios. 

Whilst a lot of the time, clients and viewers can take the title, lower third and transition animations for granted, there’s always space to use these functional elements of a video to emphasise style, aesthetic, tone or even messaging through their design.