Brand Video and Content Stack

The Problem

WINConnect is an Australian owned business that was looking to improve brand visibility, awareness and education around embedded networks. The campaign focused on several target audiences with tailored content for each verticle. 

The Solution

DOTF's team combined a content development plan alongside hero content creation to deliver a suite of varying content to send live.

In partnership with BBG and WINConnect, DOTF was able to take the key messages and bring them to life. Executing on the visual voice of the brand. Creating a collection of over 20 pieces of hero content to target new audiences.

The Hero Piece assets allowed DOTF to develop X amount of content stack pieces with the team remaining on-call through November 2021 to assist with further edits where needed.

The Creative


Working closely with the WINConnect team, DOTF formulated a series of questions to interview key members of the WINConnect team, these questions allowed us to capture the story, authenticity and passion behind WINConnects projects.


One of the key messages brought to life through pieces to camera, interviewing key WINConnect stakeholders, breaking through perceptions about embedded networks.