Winterfest 2016
Monash University - Central Marketing

Department Of The Future worked closely with the Student Engagement team at Monash to capture video content for Winterfest 2016.

Our team attended all of Winterfest’s major events, creating pre-event trailers, and post-event highlight reels.

When we were commissioned, Monash University was experimenting with a new aesthetic. We anticipated their new direction, creating content with a current style, featuring animations inspired by their assets, helping to create a cohesive aesthetic and brand for Winterfest and other Monash branding moving forward.

12 Monash Journalism students joined our crew as interns, creating extra content for Monash to share including articles, reviews and photography.

Following this project, Monash brought DOTF onboard as a media partner. We developed bespoke content and content stories for Monash University to be delivered across our youth platform, Speaker TV. We also created an intern program for Monash Journalism students, offering the opportunity to write content for an established media platform.