Email Marketing


Email marketing can be a brand's biggest asset.

When executed correctly, email marketing can reduce outbound marketing spend and turn leads into customers by creating an ongoing conversation and relationship with your audience. Email marketing and EDMs offer the opportunity for a "spoken" not "shouted" conversation with your audience, building trust and loyalty by simulating a one-on-one interaction. 

At DOTF, our digital teams offer a full range of email marketing management services, from designing and coding email templates, to building email campaigns designed to work as funnels that nurture prospects into paying customers. With ongoing strategic analysis, our teams can action email automation to acquire repeat customers, and work with our content and copywriting team to create regular EDMs - or show you how to DIY internally with our strong strategic structure supporting your team.

Emails convert, when done right.

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Email template production

Our digital team can develop the design and layout of email marketing templates  that are versatile and easy to use from one campaign to the next.

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Email campaign management

With ongoing management, our team can lead asset development (Designing the creatives for the email),pre-send checking (email copy verification, link testing, template rendering and URL tracking), ongoing campaign audit (analytics of present and past email campaigns), list management (choosing the right list and segmenting it into targets) and send time optimization (choosing the right day and time to launch a campaign).

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Email Automation

Based on analytics, our team can action and manage email automation, ensuring that subscribers mechanically receive the right message at the right time based on predetermined criteria and triggers.

In addition to regular EDM and newsletter-style marketing, automation can also automatically send out a series of welcome emails and encourage previous customers back to purchase.