Search Engine Optimisation isn't just something you set and forget, it's a long-term strategy that needs a pro touch.

SEO is essential to any web presence. Most searchers will only look at the first page of a search engine. The higher your business ranks on the page, the more traffic you get - and more traffic is what you need to increase sales and drive leads. Plus, did you know that in the long run, SEO strategies are comparatively cheaper than paid advertising? 

At DOTF our digital team is skilled at building a focused, unique SEO strategy. With tactics like local SEO and content marketing, we direct customers that convert straight to your website. We operate on scientific data, proven tactics and the most innovative tools in the industry. 

After an initial consultation and an assessment of your website, we’ll recommend a strategy that may include tactics such as improving the technical health of your website, increasing the conversion rate of your website, and optimizing functionality, content marketing, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

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SEO audit

An SEO audit involves examining your website architecture and code while also studying the URL structure, looking at factors like page load time and web page code along with the sitemap and robots.txt file Some of the general aspects covered under SEO audit services include On-Page SEO Audit, Content SEO Audit, Technical SEO Audit Services, Architecture and Code Review, and Google Penalty Identification Audit.

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Local SEO

Local SEO refers to the process of 'optimizing' your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. In 2020, almost 97% of customers use Google to locate products or services in their local area. Our Local SEO services include SEO audit, local keyword research, local competitor analysis, local content, on-site optimisation, local link-building, content strategy, report & tracking.

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Enterprise SEO

Crafting highly tailored SEO services for enterprise brands, DOTF helps large-scale brands dominate their niche online. Drive organic traffic, increase conversions, and generate more revenue per visitor with our enterprise SEO solutions.


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