Strategy & Creative


Strategy and creative help you deliver the right message to the right audience.

Strategy tells you what to say - and who to say it to - and creative determines how you say it. 

At DOTF, we don’t just make great content, we use a combination of expertise, industry knowledge and lateral thinking to find the best way to reach your audience. Over the past decade, our team has combined expertise and experience to develop multiple strategic processes and platforms, including Genome – a holistic content strategy platform and Content Stack, a process ensuring that your content maximises your ROI.

Need help with your What, Why and How?

Content Audit

Content Audit

A content audit tracks down your brand's existing content and analyses it to deliver big insights into your brand's digital and content marketing strategy.

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Business Case

A DOTF business case is a deep dive into your brand and business, surfacing with a report that is clear, objective and insightful. Define your brand as it is and redefine your brand into what you want it to be.

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Our team will work with your team to pen down your marketing strategy, simplify your business’s objectives, provide a consistent brand voice, and refine the overall customer experience.