Why Is Content Marketing So Important To Brands?

Content is one of the most important tools brands can use nowadays for a wide set of reasons, whether it’s to create awareness or brand health, content marketing is the new form of marketing and there’s plenty of reason to embrace it.

Companies are now using content to do more than create awareness or brand health. They’re using it to directly drive revenue, become more cost-efficient and personalize the customer experience. Which is to say, they’re using content marketing to do far more than marketing.

According to Forbes, content marketing is more than just trying to drill in information into the brain of your targeted audience. The whole idea of content marketing seeks to create a two-way conversation with their consumers. This type of conversation is becoming vital to any brands marketing technique as the audience expects more than just the traditional above the line marketing techniques.

Needless to say, a good strategy goes a long way- like any good brand campaign, your main goal should be to identify a primary goal everyone can work towards and then apply a content strategy to meet it.

You might even be surprised to learn that companies are using more financially-focused metrics such as efficiency (23%) and conversions (23%) to measure the success of their content strategies.

One thing we’ve been championing here at Department of the Future is the power of video content. Especially short-Form videos and we are proud to say we finally have the statistics to back it up. Turns out, people really really like watching short videos as it is the best performing content format– in terms of engagement across every industry and every geography. In particular, short-form video, which is less than two minutes, was the top performer.

Another aspect that DOTF constantly promotes as an integral part of our work is the understanding of how our consumers think. Our unique product Genome identifies the proper audience channel to target your communications with. With over 78% of consumers saying that personally, relevant content increases their purchase intent, needless to say: our marketing philosophy is grounded in nothing but facts.

Promises of transparency are very important as well, with 73% of consumers saying they’ll pay for a product if transparency is clear (Source: Core DNA)

It is predicted that there will be an increased uptake in both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)  devices and advised brands to consider how to deliver their experiences through these devices (Source: CMS Wire)

Generation Z are tech-savvy and more demanding of omnichannel solutions that reach even the newest IoT devices and touchpoints (Source: CMS Wire)

At Department of the Future, we’re experts in content creation. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your brand’s strategy and creative requirements.

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